Caravan Breakdown Cover

Holidaying in the UK is becoming increasingly popular with many opting to tow a caravan and see the sights in Britain. A lot of people believe their breakdown cover will protect them and the caravan as well; this is often not the case. Several companies offer breakdown cover for caravans.

Caravan breakdown cover is vital if you intend on towing a caravan, even if it's only for a short trip. Breakdowns are often unexpected and should you need to call for assistance it's good to know that your car and caravan are both protected. If you travel without caravan breakdown cover and do have a problem breakdown companies will often charge a fee to recover the caravan. This fee can cost more than a caravan breakdown policy.

Another important consideration is the price of your cover, while you will no doubt be drawn to the cheapest price this can come with the cost of lower standards of service and protection, with fees being applied to anything not covered by your policy.

Despite the possibility of lower service many companies will try to entice you with offers and deals. These may give you added benefits and protection for a reduced cost, be sure to factor these bonuses in while shopping around.