Boiler Breakdown Cover from £8.99

It’s surprising but yes, the AA can also repair your boiler as well as your car. With this long stretch of cold weather we’ve had recently your boiler could be feeling the strain. If it was to breakdown would you be able to cope with no heating or hot water? Don’t take the chance and let the AA cover you from just £8.99 a month. With a price as low as that it's not worth taking the risk, get your boiler protected now.

Comments for Boiler Breakdown Cover from £8.99

A Visitor at 10:02 on 4 February 2011:
My boiler just broke down last week. While blankets and extra jumpers were alright for keeping warm the lack of hot water was a massive problem, you just don't realise how much hot water you need EVERY day until you don't have it.

Thanks for pointing this deal out, I'll definitely be switching as it's a lot cheaper than what I'm paying now.